Hair Loss

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Hair Loss services offered in Healdsburg and Santa Rosa, CA

If you struggle with thinning hair, help is available at Redwood Empire Dermatology in Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, and Oakmont, California. The skilled dermatology team offers effective hair loss treatments to reduce balding, thicken your hair, and help you gain confidence. Call the office to learn more or use the online scheduler today.

Hair Loss Q&A

What is hair loss?

Hair loss occurs when you lose more hair than what’s considered normal, which is 50-100 hairs per day for most people. It develops because of various factors, but treatment at Redwood Empire Dermatology can reduce your risk of continued hair loss.

What are the risk factors for hair loss?

A variety of factors may contribute to hair loss, including:

  • Family history of hair loss
  • Older age
  • Hormone changes
  • Diabetes
  • Lupus
  • Other medical conditions
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Stress
  • Illnesses
  • Radiation therapy
  • Medications
  • Supplements
  • Harsh hair-care practices

Hair-care practices that pull your hair, including tight ponytails, permanents, and hot-oil treatments, may cause your hair to fall out.

Without treatment, you can’t necessarily prevent baldness if you’re genetically prone to it. At the first sign of a problem, see the Redwood Empire Dermatology providers for an evaluation.

How does my provider diagnose the cause of hair loss?

To find out why hair loss occurs, your Redwood Empire Dermatology provider reviews your medical history, lifestyle habits, and symptoms. They ask about your medication regimen and personal and family medical history of diseases.

Your dermatologist also completes a physical exam to evaluate your hair and scalp and assess your overall wellness. They may recommend you undergo a blood test or other diagnostic test to find the root cause of your hair loss.

What are the common ways to treat hair loss?

Some of the following treatments can reduce or eliminate hair loss:

Home remedies


It’s important to be gentle with your hair and avoid applying harsh chemicals or excessive heat to it. Your provider may recommend you take dietary supplements to reduce the risk of vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Don’t smoke, and if you undergo chemotherapy, ask your provider about using a cooling cap to reduce the risk of hair loss.



Taking medications or using medicated shampoos is a common treatment for hair loss. Ask your Redwood Empire Dermatology provider which medicines are best for you.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)


PRP consists of platelets sourced from your blood. It stimulates cell regeneration and natural hair regrowth when injected into your scalp. PRP is not offered at Redwood Empire Dermatology but referrals can be made if this treatment is desired. 

Hair transplant surgery


During hair transplant surgery, your provider removes hairs from certain areas of your head and transplants them to other parts of your scalp. Hair transplant surgery is not offered at Redwood Empire Dermatology but referrals can be made if this treatment is desired. 


Your Redwood Empire Dermatology specialist personalizes each hair loss treatment based on its cause, your lifestyle, and your preferences.


To reduce hair loss using highly effective solutions, call the Redwood Empire Dermatology office or use the online booking feature today.

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