Mohs Surgery

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Mohs Surgery services offered in Healdsburg and Santa Rosa, CA

If you have skin cancer, properly removing it is the best way to prevent it from spreading to other areas of your body and causing serious problems. At Redwood Empire Dermatology in Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, and Oakmont, California, the skilled dermatology team offers Mohs surgery to effectively eliminate skin cancer on sensitive areas. Call the office to schedule an appointment or book one online today.

Mohs Surgery Q&A

What is Mohs surgery?

Mohs micrographic surgery is a surgical technique that involves full margin examination and is the most effective treatment of skin cancer. Your dermatologist removes cancerous tissues, layer by layer, and examines each under a microscope until all of the cancer is gone. The benefit of Mohs surgery is that it gets rid of skin cancer with the highest degree of accuracy and the least amount of damage to surrounding tissues. It’s an outpatient procedure.

Why might I need Mohs surgery?

You might need Mohs surgery if you have basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or some types of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. 

Your dermatologist may recommend Mohs surgery if you have a high risk of cancer recurrence or develop skin cancer around your hands, feet, genitals, mouth, nose, ears, or eyes.

Mohs surgery may be right for you if you have skin cancer with hard-to-define borders or cancers that are aggressive or large.

Signs of skin cancer include moles or other lesions that change in appearance, new skin lesions, or unusual-looking lesions. Any time you notice suspicious skin changes, see the Redwood Empire Dermatology specialists for an evaluation. 

How should I prepare for my surgery?

Follow your Redwood Empire Dermatology provider’s instructions before undergoing Mohs surgery. They may ask you to stop taking certain medicines. Because it’s difficult to determine how many stages will be needed to clear the tumor, block your schedule for the day. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a book, magazine, your phone, or something else to help pass the time.

What should I expect during Mohs surgery?

Before Mohs surgery, your dermatologist numbs the treatment area to ensure you avoid any discomfort. They gently remove cancerous tissues, layer by layer, until all of the cancer is gone.  The layer is processed into a slide right in the office and your provider will examine it under a microscope. Each layer takes about 45 minutes to be processed into a slide. After tumor clearance, reconstruction options will be presented. A procedure that involves several layers and a closure often lasts a few hours. 

What happens after the procedure?

After you undergo Mohs surgery, keep the treatment area clean. Protect your skin from the sun and attend all follow-up visits with your specialist. While you may have some scarring after undergoing Mohs surgery, it often fades over time.

To find out if you’re a candidate for Mohs surgery at Redwood Empire Dermatology, call the office or use the online booking feature today.

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